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Facia, a UK-based Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, is a pioneer in offering Liveness verification services across 230+ countries and territories. The solution also allows companies to determine and overcome the fraud risk.

A user-friendly interface with a straightforward API integration procedure enables businesses to onboard legit customers seamlessly and helps to develop trustworthy B2B relationships. Facia's verification services are fit for all industries, including FinTechs, Virtual asset service providers, banks and much more. Choosing Facia can fight crimes, increase productivity, and enhance conversion rate in less than a second.

SDK Platforms

  1. Android SDK
  2. iOS SDK
  3. Flutter SDK
  4. React Native SDK
  5. Cordova SDK

Demo Application

You can install the Facia's demo application for Android and iOS platforms to see the basic verification flow using Facia.

android ios

Getting started

To use Facia's mobile SDKs, you must make some preparations

  1. Obtain authorization keys
  2. Choose required platform


For authorization, Facia's SDKs require Access token. You can get access token from the API:

Request Object

emailRequired: Yes
Type: String
passwordRequired: Yes
Type: String


Facia's mobile SDKs require few in-app permissions to function correctly.

  1. Camera Permission
  2. Internet Permission

All the permissions are already handled in SDKs